Our History


Our History

TETRAFLON® was founded in 1987 in Mexico City; it was one of the first PTFE diversified companies on the field.

We are currently the leading PTFE Mexican manufacturer; producing coated fabrics, Acrylic and Silicone adhesive tapes, molding and extrusion of PTFE Bars and Tubes, Automatic Molding,   plates and sheets manufacturing and in addition to that, we offer CNC machining, multi-spindle automatic and conventional lathes where we produce a wide range of parts for the Military, Aviation and Automotive industries and more.

We are an ISO9001-2015 Registered Company since 2008, in order to meet the quality requirements of our customers.

All our processes are located in the same area (Parque Toluca 2000, Estado de México) to provide our national and international customers with the best service.

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