vitriflon bandas en tetraflon

Vitriflon® PTFE coated belts

Vitriflon® fabrics are PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics, these materials have excellent mechanical properties, thermal and chemical resistant properties that can be used in several applications for all kinds of industries.

Recommendations for the proper use and care of Vitriflon® Tortilla and Food Belts:

  • Make sure the belt is installed in the correct sense of direction according to our sticker pointing to the proper rotation of the belt splice and be careful not to over exceed the tension.
  • Never crease the belt and take precautions when installing it since this can severely harm the belt’s performance and life-span.
  • Check that the press does not have objects embedded or obstructing the belt as these can cause damage to the belt especially when lowering it.
  • Avoid heating the machine while the belt splice is exposed to the high-temperature zone.
  • If you use coarse salt, we recommend diluting it before mixing, to avoid damaging the belt.
  • Work the machine at the lowest possible temperature and without exceeding 260°C (500°F), as this will help increase the life-span of the belt.
  • To clean the belt, avoid using abrasive products, and check that the rollers are clean and in good condition.

Types of PTFE Coated Belts

belts for sealing machines in tetraflon

Belts for Sealing Machines

Ideal for horizontal and vertical conveyor belt sealing machines and for heat sealing of polyethylene, cellophane, PVC or aluminum bags that contain dry product, confectionery, vegetables, drugs, metals, granulated plastics, and more.

belts for paper industry

Belts for Paper Industry

In Tetraflon we know that the paper industry requires specialized belts, therefore we offer products that will give more precision to the production process; such as increasing the production of the plant, savings, since we reduced waste production and more efficiency by improving the performance of the equipment, etc.

belts for flour tortilla in tetraflon silicone fabrics

Belts for Flour Tortilla


Our belting line withstands temperatures of up to 500°F (260°C). They are perfect for the tortilla-making process.

conducting conveyor ptfe coated belts in tetraflon

Conducting Conveyor Belts

As all out Vitriflon fabrics and conveyor belts; PTFE coated conducting conveyor belts eliminate static load and friction generated by the textile fusing machines.

silicone conveyor belts and curtains

Silicone Conveyor Belts & Curtains

Like all our fabrics Vitriflon * and Bands these are coated in PTFE and also put an extra layer known as “top layer” to prevent grease from permeating into the fabric that makes it adhere giving very good results in the cooking of the product.

food industry conveyor belts in tetraflon

Food Industry Conveyor Belts

Special silicone fabrics to increase the limit of tensile strength, we use 2 colors orange and white for the specific needs of each user.

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