Silicone Fabrics

Our silicone coated fiberglass fabrics are typically used to fabricate belts and curtains on heat-shrink tunnel systems. We offer these products in white and red colors. The recommended continuous operating temperature is 220° C (428° F). We offer thicknesses ranging from 0.015" up to 0.040" with silicone on one face or both faces of the fabric which help give the belt traction or ease to slide over a plain surface.

Silicone fabrics characteristics

silicone fabrics
belts for flour tortilla in tetraflon silicone fabrics

Applications and Features

They are used as curtains to maintain the temperature inside heat shrink tunnel systems and as belts to convey the product they are packaging, the product has an excellent resistance to high temperatures and can be offered assemble in belts or curtains or as plain rolls according to your needs.