double sided norton tape


Normount® bonding tapes combine long-lasting and closed-cell polyurethane foam, with acrylic adhesive on both sides. Its energy dissipating properties distribute stress and avoid vibration, having a longer bond as a result. Due to its forming capacity, Normount® bonding tapes increase surface bonding with the lowest disruption.


Acrylic adhesive that provides a durable, transparent bonding, fast bonding, distributes tension.


Assembly of reticles in doors and windows, assembly of bathroom accessories, transparent signs, showcases.

Available models

V2045 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) tickness .045′′
V2830 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) tickness .030′′
V2845 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) tickness .045′′
V2862 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) tickness .062′′
V2890 (150′ / 45.7 MTS) tickness .090′′

windows with normount tape with tetraflon

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