thermalbond foams


The combination of adhesive and foam properties allow for an excellent thermal and acoustic isolation, apart from distributing vibration and mechanical tension to the fixation panel. It is the best option for places with high Eolic load.


Open cell structure that allows optimal silicone curing, compatible with structural silicones, low thermal conductivity, excellent resistance to weather, fungi and oxidation.


Structural glazing, breakage of thermal bridge in doors and windows, curtain wall, attenuation of vibrations.

Available models

V2204 (50′ / 15.2 MTS) tickness 1/8″
V2206 (50′ / 15.2 MTS) tickness 3/16″
V2208 (50′ / 15.2 MTS) tickness 1/4″
V2210 (25′ / 7.6 MTS) tickness 5/16″
V2212 (25′ / 7.6 MTS) tickness 3/8″
V2108 (50′ / 15.2 MTS) tickness 1/4″

thermalbond con tetraflon

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