PTFE flexible hoses are an excellent solution for the industry in general that requires transporting aggressive chemicals such as acids, solvents, gasolines or even products for the food industry due to its unparalleled characteristics, as well as supporting high temperatures, high pressure and vacuum. There are smooth or convoluted hoses with different types of screening (stainless steel, polypropylene, etc). The hoses are offered with a variety of connectors to meet the needs of the industry in general.

Types of hoses

Tubing Tygon® PTFE & FEP

tubing tygon ptfe fep in tetraflon

PTFE Hoses

braided hoses nickel plated steel

Heat Shrink Sleeve

heat shrink sleeve in tetraflon

Duravent® & Norres® Hoses

duravent tube hose tetraflon