Other Products

Tetraflon offers a wide range of products for different applications, to solve the industry requirements.


Nitto® Tape (Nitoflon)

tape nitoflon in tetraflon

Engineering Plastics

Plasticos De Ingenieria NYLAMID

Grip non-skid

grip non skid in tetraflon

Expanded PTFE

expanded ptfe en tetraflon


packing in tetraflon

PTFE Coating Spray

ptfe coating spray in tetraflon

Silicone Lubricant Spray

silicone lubricant spray in tetraflon

Silicone Sealants

silicone sealants in tetraflon

PTFE Thread Seal Tape

ptfe thread seal tape in tetraflon

Flexible Sanitary Packaging

flexible sanitary packaging in tetraflon


suelaflon tetraflon

Silicone Backing Mats

silicone backing mats in tetraflon

Energized Seals

energized seals in tetraflon

PTFE Coating

ptfe coating tetraflon