energized seals tetraflon

Energized Seals

The spring seal energized as UV or C works with a simple action sealing element.
The spring that energizes the PTFE cover drives the seal legs (lips) of the seal. The system pressure assists the spring in creating a leak-tight seal between the sealing lips and the metal coupling parts.
The spring assists in misalignment, wear of the cover and maintains a constant sealing pressure against the desired objective.

energized seal
energized seal
energized seal

Energized seals properties

  • Resistant to high and low temperatures (from -200 ° C to 260 ° C)
  • Designed to be FDA compliant Compuestos y diseños que cumplen con la FDA
  • Exceptional resistance to chemical products and corrosion
  • Lowest friction coefficient from all sealing materials.
  • Can work dry, no need for lubrication.