silicone lubricant spray tetraflon

Silicone Lubricant Spray

This product has been specially developed based on silicones to be used in the industry as a release agent in rubber injection and molding processes and plastics.


  • Use it whenever the moulded parts begin to adhere
  • The pieces are always separated cleanly even in cases of complicated moulds.
  • Economical, because a thin layer of release agent retains its action even after many
  • Protects your mold against scratched corrosion and leaves no carbonaceous residue.
  • It resists high temperatures.


  • Clean the mould perfectly before applying
  • Spray the Silicone Release agent on the contact surfaces
  • Allow the propellant to evaporate


This product should be handled with caution because it is pressure packed. Do not expose to temperatures higher than 50 ºC, do not puncture the container and do not spray the product into open fire.