virgin ptfe in tetraflon

Virgin PTFE

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a high-temperature resistant polymer which is considered one of the most versatile among the thermoplastic materials. Besides being a nontoxic material, it also has an excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and solvents. Its anti-stickiness, low coefficient of friction, as well as dielectric properties are also some of its features.

PTFE is one of the most stable thermoplastic materials, since it can be heated at up to 260°C and maintain most of its properties without breaking down. The PTFE coefficient of thermal conductivity does not vary with changes in temperature, therefore it is considered a good insulating. Filled with Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber, increases the thermal conductivity.

PTFE is very resistant to most chemicals, solvents, light and atmospheric conditions, since this material can be exposed for over 20 years to extreme situations without having any disruption in its properties. However, it can be attacked by alkaline metals, chlorine trifluoride and fluoride.

Having the lowest coefficient of friction to solids, a great resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures and due to its non-stick properties, PTFE offers several uses for all kinds of industries; especially for the paper, chemical, oil, electrical, nuclear, metal and pharmaceutical ones.