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Open Mesh Belts


Tetraflon® has a variety of different types of fabrics such as Nomex, Kevlar and fiberglass impregnated with Teflon®, offering greater flexibility, strength and excellent dimensional stability of the fabric.

Open Mesh Belts


The main applications of Open Mesh Belts are for screen printing ovens, textile processes, drying and dehydrating ovens, heat shrink tunnels, curing tunnels, etc. At Tetraflon we can tailor the belts according to your operational needs and dimensions offering a wide range of fabrics, splicing materials and accessories.

Tetraflon de Mexico

Types of Mesh

Mesh TCGF 1590

Mesh TCGF 1590 UVR

TCN-1590 / TCN-2000

Mesh TCK-1590

Mesh TCGF-6015

Mesh TCGF-9004