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PTFE Shaved Sheets and PTFE Molded Plates

Tetraflon de Mexico


Tetraflon® offers a large line of virgin and mineral filled PTFE sheets and plates ranging from 0.003″ to 4″ thick and in widths of 24″, 48″ and 60″, either in sheet or roll. ptfe sheets ptfe sheets ptfe plates ptfe plates The plates are manufactured with 100% virgin resin of the highest quality. The Chemours (DUPONT) resin with which they are manufactured provides excellent thermal, chemical, mechanical and electrical properties. It has good thermal stability (thermostable), low coefficient of electrical conductivity (good insulator), resistance to most solvents and chemical agents, resistance to atmospheric agents and light. It has properties of tension, compression, flexibility, resistance to impact and friction. Applied in the paper, chemical, petroleum, electrical, nuclear, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

PTFE Shaved Sheets and PTFE Molded Plates


They are recommended for the manufacture of gaskets for flanges, seals, sliding supports, special parts, slides, manufacture of sills, among others. As well as machining for the manufacture of parts that require high performance in extreme situations.