• High-tech materials for applications in extreme conditions

Foam Tapes (Norton®)

High-tech materials for extreme working conditions. For over fifty years, Normount® foam tapes have proved their outstanding performance in countless applications that require permanent and lasting adherence.

Daimler-Chrysler, Ford and GM (General Motors), which are the main manufacturers, have acknowledge Normount® foams as a reliable choice for their most demanding applications that require superior adherence.

Types of Norton® Foam Tapes


Norseal® compressible PVC foams can be used for sealing to protect against water, air, temperature, and light infiltration, to improve the energetic efficiency of the building. They can be used outdoors due to their resistance to UV oxidation and their surface adhesion capacity.


Normount® bonding tapes combine long-lasting and closed-cell polyurethane foam, with acrylic adhesive on both sides. Its energy dissipating properties distribute stress and avoid vibration, having a longer bond as a result. Due to its forming capacity, Normount® bonding tapes increase surface bonding with the lowest disruption.


The combination of adhesive and foam properties allow for an excellent thermal and acoustic isolation, apart from distributing vibration and mechanical tension to the fixation panel. It is the best option for places with high Eolic load.


COHRLASTIC® is a high-performance Silicone foam due to its mechanical, chemical, and heat resistance and to its excellent sealing qualities. COHRLASTIC® foams are used in applications where high resistance and excellent sealing is needed. Besides having a non-stick surface and closed cells, it is also a very good option for surface molding.
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