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Norton® Foams

Tetraflon de Mexico


For over fifty years, Norton® Foam Mounting Tape has proven its performance in countless applications requiring permanent, long-lasting adhesion.
Leading manufacturers such as Daimler-Chrysler, Ford and General Motors have recognized Normount® tape as a reliable choice for their most demanding bonding applications.

Types of Norton® Foams


Norseal® compressible PVC foam tapes are used in applications to seal against water, air, temperature and light infiltration to improve building energy efficiency. Because of its UV resistance and ability to adhere to most surfaces, it can be used outdoors.

Types of Norton® Foams


Normount® mounting tapes combine the durable, pressure-sensitive polyurethane substrate with an acrylic adhesive on both sides. The adhesive properties of the foam distribute forces and stresses and prevent vibration by maintaining the bond longer. The easy conformability of Normount® mounting tapes promotes maximum contact of the surfaces to be bonded and the least distortion.
Types of Norton® Foams


It is used in construction applications, in particular integral facades, which require a glue and has the characteristic that the silicone used for gluing cures by itself. Its structure is composed of PUR.
Types of Norton® Foams


Cohrlastic® is a high performance silicone foam due to its very high chemical and mechanical resistance, high operating temperature and excellent sealing ability.