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Normount® mounting tapes

Tetraflon de Mexico


Normount® mounting tapes combine the durable, pressure-sensitive polyurethane substrate with an acrylic adhesive on both sides. The adhesive properties of the foam distribute forces and stresses and prevent vibration by holding the bond longer. The easy conformability of Normount® tapes promotes maximum contact of the surfaces to be bonded and minimum distortion.

Tetraflon de Mexico

Characteristics of Normount® foams


Acrylic adhesive that provides a durable, transparent, fast bonding, tension distributing adhesive.


Installation of door and window grids, installation of bathroom accessories, transparent signs, showcases.

Available Models

V2045 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) thickness .045″.
V2830 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) thickness .030″ thick
V2845 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) thickness .045″ thick.
V2862 ( 200′ / 61 MTS) thickness .062″ thick
V2890 ( 150′ / 45.7 MTS) thickness .090″