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Our silicone coated fiberglass fabrics are typically used to fabricate belts and curtains on heat-shrink tunnel systems. We offer these products in white and red colors. The recommended continuous operating temperature is 220° C (428° F). We offer thicknesses ranging from 0.015" up to 0.040" with silicone on one face or both faces of the fabric which help give the belt traction or ease to slide over a plain surface.

Silicone Types

Silicone Mat

Tetraflon offers this range of non-stick food grade silicone mats and contains a glass fiber mesh which gives the mat dimensional stability. It allows heat conduction and greater resistance giving uniform cooking. The silicone mat protects the baking tray and allows you to bake bread, pastries, sweets and even savory foods. The product is washable and reusable, forget about cutting wax paper or greasing the trays.

Silicone Cord

At Tetraflon we offer a wide range of foamed or rigid silicone profiles for sealing machines in the following sizes:
1”x ¼”
1”x ¼”
1½”x ¼”
¾”x ½”
½”x ½”

Properties of the silicone cord:
— Ozone, UV and weather resistant
— Wide temperature range from -60°C to 230°C
— Safe for use with waterborne applications (WRAS)
— Low toxicity
— Thermal stability
— Resistance to the growth of microbacteria

Silicone Lubricant in Aerosol

Silicone lubricant provides superior lubrication, waterproofing and safe protection for metallic and non-metallic surfaces (such as rubber, plastic and vinyl). Creates a transparent, slippery film that is non-sticky, non-staining, non-smearing, and long-term corrosion resistant. The product dries fast and repels water, ink, grease and rust. This spray is ideal as a release agent in injection processes, rubber and plastic molding, for use on cables, pulleys, guide rails, valves, connections, hinges, locks, etc. It is recommended not to use in areas to be painted. Can be used in temperatures from -73°C to +260°C

Características del silicón en aerosol:
  • — It is highly resistant to thermal changes.
  • — Repels water.
  • — It has excellent adhesive properties.
  • — It is resistant to ultraviolet rays.
  • — It has great elasticity.
  • — It has low volatility (only in the case of neutral silicones).
  • — It works as an electrical insulator.
  • — It is resistant to microbes and bacteria.
  • — It is resistant to ageing.
  • — It is odourless.
  • — It is colorless.
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Quality Policies

At Tetraflon Corp, S. de R. L. de C. V. we are totally committed to manufacturing and distributing products of the highest quality with efficacy and efficiency, complying with the requirements and applicable regulations of our clients and interested parties through the continuous improvement of the quality management system. .

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