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Green Tetraflon

Tetraflon de Mexico


In Tetraflon® Corp we integrate processes in which we develop our own technology to improve quality and innovate products to meet sustainable standards.
For Tetraflon® Corp it is extremely important to take care of the planet and that is why they strive to protect the environment through the corresponding processes and certifications they carry out in order to minimize the environmental impact.
Tetraflon® Corp is at the forefront of the industry and is always up to date with state-of-the-art technology that allows for better quality materials.
At Tetraflon® Corp we are committed to being responsible with everything that surrounds us in order to preserve, protect and, if possible, improve it.
Since its inception, Tetraflon® Corp has used PFOA-free PTFE in order to counteract negative health and environmental effects.
Tetraflon de Mexico


We carry out the internal management of hazardous waste control and final disposal through an authorized and reliable supplier.
At Tetraflon® Corp, every year, it performs monitoring of wastewater analysis, complying with the permissible discharge parameters.
Annually, Tetraflon® Corp, complies with the monitoring of emissions and revalidation of the authorization of the license of Emissions to the atmosphere.
The PTFE burr from machining is sold abroad for further processing and use.
At Tetraflon® Corp, we regulate the latest generation water faucet system to have a better control and use of this resource.