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Sustainable Tetraflon


At Tetraflon®️ Corp we integrate processes in which they developed their own technology to improve quality and innovate products and thus meet sustainable standards.

Caring for the planet is extremely important to Tetraflon®️ Corp and that is why they strive to protect the environment through the corresponding processes and certifications they carry out in order to minimize environmental impact.

Tetraflon®️ Corp is at the forefront of the industry and is always up to date with the latest technology that allows for more durable materials.

At Tetraflon®️ Corp we are committed to being responsible for everything around us to preserve it, protect it, and if possible improve it.

Since its inception, Tetraflon®️ Corp has used PFOA-free to counteract negative health effects and environment.


At Tetraflon®️ Corp we periodically carry out the Comprehensive Integral Plan for Special Handling Waste where they recycle or sale materials such as: cardboard, wood and plastic so they can be used for other processes.

We manage the internal management of hazardous waste control and its final disposal through an authorized and reliable supplier.

Leftover of PTFE materials (machine turnings) are sold abroad for recycling and so that these materials can be utilized in various applications.

At Tetraflon®️ Corp, we regulated the latest generation faucets in order to have better control and use of this resource.

At Tetraflon®️ Corp, we monitor every year the residual water analysis, in order to comply with the permissible discharge parameters.

The Environmental Office is in charge of checking and controlling the emissions into the atmosphere, every year they verify that we are aligned with the authorized limits.

Workers Safety

For Tetraflon®️ Corp, job security is of great importance, therefore, it is committed to creating a culture that benefits the safety of its employees.

Tetraflon®️ Corp is up to date with the official Mexican standards and regulations applicable to safety and hygiene.

Tetraflon®️ Corp implemented the technical guidelines to have greater control over COVID19 and thus reduce the risk of contagion.

Tetraflon®️ Corp provides the necessary equipment to its workers to carry out the corresponding activities in order to take preventive actions to avoid workplace accidents.

Tetraflon®️ Corp, has Multifunctional Emergency Brigades, as well as an annual evaluation by the Civil Protection of emergency response.

Tetraflon®️ Corp applies medical examinations to its workers in order to monitor their health and well-being.

Tetraflon de México

Quality Policies

At Tetraflon Corp, S. de R. L. de C. V. we are totally committed to manufacturing and distributing products of the highest quality with efficacy and efficiency, complying with the requirements and applicable regulations of our clients and interested parties through the continuous improvement of the quality management system. .

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